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What is a Demand-Side Platform (DSP) How does it work? Is Google Adwords a DSP?

When it comes to programmatic advertising, every player plays a role. While the ad exchanges pick up the most eligible ad in milliseconds, the host offering the ads is known...
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Already a fan of Performance Marketing? Here’s Why You Should Try Programmatic Advertising

In a fast-paced world, where online advertisers have been drastically outnumbered by web pages, nobody wants to waste their ads on spaces where the possibilities of conversion aren't handsome or...
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What is an Ad Exchange? Difference Between Ad Network and Ad Exchanges

Publishers, in partnership with the SSP, determine the best value of their ad units by managing the inventory and studying market trends. Likewise, Advertisers partner with the DSP to extract...
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RTB Explained! Knows & Hows Of Real-Time-Bidding

The essence of programmatic advertising flows through the automatic progression of ad transactions taking place in the milliseconds that it takes for any page to load; this process is called...
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Proud to Partner with Inkspell Media for DOD Awards 2021

Media buying and planning has been a significant concern for digital advertisers in the digital industry for, using the latest AI-driven technology the aim of advertiCe is to provide a...
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