Already a fan of Performance Marketing? Here’s Why You Should Try Programmatic Advertising

In a fast-paced world, where online advertisers have been drastically outnumbered by web pages, nobody wants to waste their ads on spaces where the possibilities of conversion aren’t handsome or even justifiable. 

Entering into an era of accountability and effective spending, advertisers now cement deals in which the bill generation begins only after the completion of a certain action; such as a click, lead, or sale. 

This is called Performance Marketing. 

Performance Marketing is an extraordinary combination of dedication and innovation that delivers excellent results for each party involved. In a rare win-win scenario, both affiliates and retailers stand to gain the desired output from each marketing campaign. 

Nothing delivers the promise of performance marketing like programmatic advertising. 

If you want your marketing campaigns to deliver higher ROI, accrue less risk and produce top-notch execution, you should try programmatic advertising. 

Here are some of the industries that are ready to make that switch:

  1. Retail Industry

As one of the leading drivers of online marketing, retail industry advertising punches record-breaking numbers each fiscal year. To maintain a dominating online presence, all the while serving your diverse clientele, advertisers need the best, most effective advertising strategy at their disposal; which is programmatic advertising. 

  1. Health

According to research, 77% of Internet users knock on Google’s door before they call their doctors for their health-related questions, thus leaving a heavy digital footprint. Health executives, practicing doctors, and pharmaceutical companies who wish to run marketing campaigns must use programmatic advertising to their benefit and extract higher ROI on each campaign. 

  1. Food

Food-Net has seen tremendous growth over the last five years. From online delivery to YouTube recipe marathons—Internet users are addicted to discussing food online, and advertisers can put this to good use with the influx of programmatic advertising in their ad campaigns. 

  1. Fashion

The word Fashion is no longer synonymous with the Gladrags of Paris, it is now associated with the nth number of bloggers/influencers you follow online. Now that the industry’s business model has drastically shifted in the last couple of years, marketing campaigns must follow their lead. When it comes to the fashion industry, affiliate marketing is a massive hit—and brands looking to upscale their businesses must tap into programmatic advertising. 

In conclusion, performance marketing is based on the premise of real-time ROI measurement. 

We aren’t in middle school anymore. In the real world, there are no trophies for participation, so why should advertising firms pay cash out without any guarantee of success? 

The trend of embracing programmatic advertising through performance marketing is here to stay.

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